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Barbie Doll Oven Play Set 14331 Body Doll Barbie Goods Cocko Play Momo

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Barbie's doll body and oven set.
A pink oven with an apron with a flashy cupcake pattern that is a barbie.
Small items such as cupcakes and mitots and bowls are set.
If the part of the oven knob is turned, "Chin! "The sound will sound and sponge cake will come out.
Recommended for present♪

■ Package size: About the vertical 32.5 × horizontal 23 × thickness 7 cm
■ Barbie x 1
■ Open × 1
■ Cupcake x 6
■ Miton bowl · Others × 9
※ The package may be damaged or dirt from the time of arrival. Please order after understanding.

About the condition of overseas products

A good place for imported goods is a cute design that is not in Japan, a rare item that is difficult to get in Japan, and a lot of colorful colors that will be fun.
On the other hand, there is a lot of unfortunately there. PRETZEL-NET is a good product as a characteristic of import miscellaneous goods.
I would appreciate your understanding of some disadvantages and enjoy import miscellaneous goods.

! There may be kimono scratches, small dirt
Small items are often not packaged when delivering from overseas, and it is rough and rough. Small scratches, a little dirt, etc. will be within the range of good products.
! There may be some dents and damage in the package
All items are new and unused, but they may be damaged during transportation.
I'm sorry for the seasent damage, but a little dent, a small dust, damage, etc. are sold as good items.
! Sewing, yarn processing, etc. may be sweet
Rucksacks, bags, stuffed animals, etc. are quite sewing than Japan.
The yarn is jumping out or stitched, or the needle holes that are sewed are open. It will be within the range of non-defective items other than disruption.

About specification change

Even in the same product, please be aware in advance that the design, package, and part of the contents of the set may be changed without notice.